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About Searching
λόγος, λογος, logos, log*
Find word forms matching λογος or (transliterated) logos. Accents and breathings will be matched if supplied. Wildcards are allowed.
λογος.n, logos.n, logos.n.dat.plu, .n.dat.plu
Adding grammatical patterns looks for all forms of a given word (usually adding part of speech is simplest, .e.g .n or .v).
@lxx, @rom-gal,phil,1thess,phm
Use @ to restrict the search range. If a set has been defined as a collection it will have a shorthand name like @lxx, @g or @p. Defaults to NT.
When a set of words have been tagged, that tag can be used in place of a word.

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πιστις χαρις
Find these two words, however accented, together in an NT verse.
pistis.n charis.n
Find any form of the words faith and grace together in an NT reference.
Not yet added...
/seq, /s, /para, /p
Search directives appear at the end of a query: e.g. match a specific sequence, or require words to appear in the same sentence, paragraph or page. Defaults to sentence matching.

Click to copy an example into the search box.

kata sarka /seq
Match a phrase in the NT.
.n.acc anti .n.gen /seq
Making sense of χάριν ἀντὶ χάριτος in Jn 1:16?